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So, after a couple of years on life support, we decided that it's time to pull the plug. The meetings slowly dwindled from a half-dozen regulars plus at least a few newcomers at each meeting, down to maybe three or four regulars a month, and then down to two at the most. That's not a meeting. Apparently, we just didn't have anything to keep people interested in coming. No matter. We're still not dead. We're just resting.


We're not dead yet, and we didn't move. The intended location became unworkable a couple of days before the July meeting, so we're still meeting at RTP downtown.

We had a few new faces show up for the meeting, and all the regulars were there. We talked about technical projects we currently have in progress, school, work, politics, and basically whatever.


Today's meeting was vaguely interesting. We had a couple of new people show up. They seemed fairly sharp, and one of them seemed genuinely interested in the 2600 group. I really wish that more than two of the regulars -- myself included -- had bothered to show up.. Great first impression for the newbies.

/me sighs

Anyway... The major point we needed to discuss tonight, the relocation, was hashed out before and after the meet. We are moving. We meet next month at the new location.


It seems that our location is, once again, the cancer that is killing sac2600. The meetings have been small (ostensibly) because nobody wants to come downtown. Therefore, we are looking for a new venue. Again.

Aside from bitching about the location, we talked about 2600net and various related projects.


Not dead yet!

We're still around and we're still meeting. Not much of significance has happened since the last time I updated, but I figured that I should at least put a heartbeat in here. So yeah... <3


Well, it's been a while since I've bothered updating this. The group has started to surge again. We've seen a couple of new face come and go, and a few people have started attending regularly. This month, a few people brought in their newest toys from Christmas. Much hilarity ensued as those of us with no sense of rhythm tried to play Frets On Fire. Last month, JesterGod brought in an electronics project. Much hilarity ensued as he burned the shit out of his fingertips while soldering (yes, in Round Table Pizza). Hopefully, some of the old regulars will be able to make it in the next few months. Maybe I'll even manage to keep this thing up to date.


Our group was small (as is becoming the usual), but we had a bit to talk about.

Before the meeting today, we decided to go see Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest, which opened today. I can recommend the new PotC flick. As a movie itself, it was decent, but it seemed like Disney is milking the franchise for all it's worth. However, this one has the overwhelming bonus that viewers get to see Cthulu playing a pipe organ.


Heh. Looks like I skipped a few entries in there. The meeting has been pretty small these last few months. We've been down around 6 or 7 people, but the core of the group is still showing up every month. This month I brought my li'l Telsa coil in to show some folks who had never seen one. And, hey! We finally got our freaking listing updated. Maybe next quarter it'll be correct in the magazine. For the last couple of weeks, a whole bunch of new faces have come out of the woodwork, so maybe the July meeting will be a bit more populated.


So, we're officially moving. The decision was made to relocate to the downtown Round Table Pizza. Aside from that, we talked a bit about various projects in which people are involved. We had a better turnout than in recent months.


We had a very tiny turnout this month. Apparently, most folks had other plans. It seems that the loud live music is going to be a regular event, and they're getting a denser crowd of customers, so we're definitely looking at relocating.



These two meetings were a little anorexic. There were a few regulars who weren't able to make it, and most of the irregulars didn't show either. Surprisingly, we were graced by the presence of a few members of the old sac2600 crew.


Decent turnout today. Once again, I didn't jot down who was there, but trixter gave a great presentation on Asterisk. He plans on doing a series of presentations on VoIP and telephony in general. The band was there again today, and there was talk of moving the meeting (again) to a quieter locale.


We met. I was too lazy to jot down what we talked about or who was there. The meeting was mostly outside today, since Camille's had a live band playing in the corner.


We had a good turnout today. Conversation topics included some recent events and politics, the various companies suing Apple Computers over the iPod (including Microsoft and Creative over patent issues and Apple Corp. over tradename violation), assorted Wi-Fi topics (including "MIMO" devices and the actual composition and construction of the Pringles can), and "Rejected" by Don Hertzfeldt.



Today's meeting showed a better turnout than the last few. Conversation topics included a bit of random political grumbling, a planned project for marketing a network security appliance using embedded hardware, a discussion on the legality of surveillance and countersurveillance devices, Wi-Fi antenna design strategy, and satellite Internet latency.



This wasn't so much a meeting as it was a few friends who got together for coffee. We talked about Nybbles and Trix getting interviewed about wardriving in Sacramento, and about a bunch of other stuff which escapes me. We also noticed that the bathrooms are equipped with ANSI-standard toilets.




We've been meeting; I've been slacking about updating.


Tonight's meeting was incredibly small. One of our regulars was laid up in the hospital recovering from surgery, and several others were at events commemorating the passing of somebody who many members knew.



It was a small meeting tonight. I think it'll pick back up once folks know about the new location. Trixter brought in some info about Interix, now known as "Windows Services for UNIX". Basically, it's a set of tools that provide some unixy capabilities under Windows. Microsoft apparently bought them a while ago, and actually seems to be maintaining it.

Several people were showing off laptop tricks. I especially liked how heartgabriel rotates his laptop to the side when he's reading PDF files and the like. He has it set up so that it displays the document fullscreen, rotated 90° to the right, and the touchpad navigates through the document.



I've been less than diligent about keeping this up-to-date. We have been meeting, every month on the appointed date.


sac2600 bbq

In order to unload a large amount of beef from Trixter's freezer, the Sacramento 2600 group is planning to hold a barbecue. The exact date and location of this event remain undecided, and additional activities have been proposed.

The event will most likely be held on a Saturday afternoon. In order to allow adequate planning time, we will likely not hold the barbecue for at least another two weeks. The fourth of September has also been ruled out, in order to avoid having the barbecue the day after the meeting. Therefore, I propose 2004.09.11 for the date of the event.

Some discussion was made toward hosting the barbecue at someone's house. There were no offers to host, so we are looking for a public location. I previously proposed Fair Oaks Park, as it is a whopping 3 minute drive from the meeting location and has barbecues. However, somebody wants to charge $30 per hour for use of the facilities.

I would be more than happy to just converge on the park on the appointed afternoon, but some others may wish to avoid any risk of conflict. I'm still looking for a more appropriate venue. Other likely candidates include Orangevale Park and Rusch Park.


Friday the 13th and we were dumb enough to go ice skating... Happy to report no injuries aside from some very sore muscles. Four attendees, counting myself. Not much hackerly conversation, but after the rink closed we stuck around and talked about politics until the wee hours of the morning. Whee.


Success. I've been in touch with the folks working on establishing this meeting. It seems I was looking in the wrong place. Armed with the knowledge of whom to look for and where to look, we found the meeting. And what a turnout. There were geeks coming up from southern California to check this thing out. I wish I took some kind of notes so I could put something coherent here. Perhaps next month


Total attendees: two. Myself and one other. Conversation topics included general hacking and computers, anime, and other random topics.


It seems that a 2600 meeting in the area may be imminent. Last month (2004.05), I didn't notice anybody particularly "hackerly", and nobody noticed me as such. This month, I wore my propeller hat and <geek> shirt. Sure enough, two others approached me wondering if I knew anything about the meeting. Now, I'm brainstorming for ideas to bring to next month's meeting.