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Rumors of our existence have been greatly exaggerated. After a run of half a decade, the Sacramento 2600 group is no more. We had some good times. We learned useful skills. We played with fun toys. We went our own ways.

These pages will stay up for the forseeable future, for the morbidly curious. If anybody feels interested in starting up another meeting, let me know, and I'll be glad to drop you a link.

Check out the highly detailed notes from previous meetings.

Who: Hackers. We are mostly a bunch of computer geeks, though our technical interests vary considerably. We are a subgroup of California 2600, which is a subgroup of 2600.
Where: We meet at Round Table Pizza in Old Sac.
When: Our official meeting is the first Friday of each month. Most folks will arrive sometime around 19:00 (that's 7pm), but some people show up earlier or later. Leave whenever you like.
Online: Between meetings, some of us idle in #ca2600 on Hang out for a while, because some of us have lives, and most of the rest only check their IRC client once in a while. I'm "bigwyrm".
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